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TRI-CARE For LIFE + Medicare Advantage = Platinum Medicare Coverage… Here’s WHY?

Feb 3, 2023

For those on Tri-CARE For Life Medicare, I have many reasons and absolutely NO reason why you shouldn’t add a Medicare Advantage Plan to your already GOLDEN Tri-CARE for Life Plan. Here’s how Medicare Advantage works with Tri-CARE For Life Medicare:

  • All Medical facilities including hospitals, etc. bill the Medicare Advantage Plan 1st, then Tri-CARE picks up the remaining co-pays. It’s the same great coverage you receive with Tri-CARE. The bills get dispersed to both plans.
  • The Medicare Advantage plan gives you Part B Premium reductions added back into your Social Security Benefits or directly to you.
  • The MA plan provides Full Comprehensive Dental Benefits including Implants and Dentures (Tri-Care has none).
  • The MA plan provides Full Vision Benefits and Hardware.
  • $0 Cost Gym Memberships
  • Quarterly Over-The-Counter Benefits Credit Available to you to utilize at area retailers

AND, there's NO Premium and you get the Part B reimbursement!

I have personally signed up more than 45 Medicare Beneficiaries on Tri-CARE and they continue to pass on the good news to their retired military friends about the plan! In some ways it is a “No Brainer.” To find out more about Medicare Advantage Plans and Tri-CARE, Contact Bonnie Tapscott @ 509-951-6708 or email: for more information