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Why Should Veterans on Medicare Have Other Private Medicare Insurance Plans Too?

June 24, 2020

Veterans who have the VA health insurance plan and Medicare Part A & B are eligible to get another insurance plan loaded with benefits for NO Additional Cost to them. Veterans already have a thorough medical plan through the VA coupled with their Medicare so why add another one? Because it is a $0 Premium Plan and listed below are just some of the benefits you can receive:

  • A back-up health and wellness program in the private sector
  • Medicare Part B Premium Reduction Assistance
  • $1000 Dental Coverage
  • Health & Wellness Products Catalog Credit
  • $0 Membership Fee to Area Gyms
  • Vision Exam and Hardware Benefits
  • Hearing Coverage
  • Speak to a Nurse 24/7
  • Podiatry Coverage
  • Virtual Medical Visits
  • Chiropractic and Acupuncture Visits

Now you can see this is more Why Not rather than Why?

I have been working with many Veterans on these plans available to you through some of the insurance companies I represent. One of my newer clients had the VA suggest he add these Veteran’s plans to their federal program. So Why Not ask me further about these benefit-rich Medicare plans available to you with thousands of additional benefits at NO COST.

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